Shipping Information

​We currently use our own in house vans and staff for delivery in Northern California. As such we are focused on delivering in the local areas around our stores (within 1 hour, depending on order size). We don't have any minimum order amounts but if you place an order for $6 to be delivered 45 minutes away we can't afford to pay our driver to deliver your order. If you have any question or concern at all, don't hesitate to shoot a text. 

​One feature of our delivery that is a little bit different in comparison to ordering with other companies is we collect payment at point of delivery. Whether cash, card, or some other payment methods you'll see on checkout. It's just something we have to do for now to work logistically with all the product types we have and being able to accept credit cards.

​We do still service nation wide shipping and ship orders out of state but we'll have to collect payment before getting your package on the way.

You Place an Order on our Website

After placing an order, you'll receive an automated email with your receipt. You can reply to this email and it will go directly to us if you have any questions.

We Text You About Your Order

After we physically see your order, we'll shoot a text to the number on file about your order and some reminder information on our delivery process.

We Pull and Confirm Delivery Times

We'll now pull your order as we're still establishing ourselves we may not have everything at one location. We'll coordinate with both our stores and our warehouse to bring your order together. 

Then we'll text you to confirm your availability for delivery. 

We Send a Driver Out For Delivery

You'll get a text message from our driver when they leave our store, your estimated eta, and another text when you're next in line.

They have a credit card machine just like we do in our store to collect payment.

​Unfortunately we do need someone in person to be able to both sign and pay for the delivery. It doesn't have to be who placed it but if the items are 18+ or 21+ restricted we will need to see an ID messaged to us if someone else is receiving. Whomever is receiving will also be IDed as required by law but once we have you marked in our system and our drivers know you we wont have to go through the process. We do also check IDs again the credit card being used for the order. 

8AM to 10PM Customer Service

Have any questions? Shoot us an email at all times! We'll get you a number you can text too once you're a customer that you can always reach us at any time of day. We'd love to hear from you.

Real People and Small Business

We aren't a corporation. We aren't a big box store. Every sale we do goes towards paying our people more so they can grow with us.

Quick Shipping

We almost always get orders out the next day for delivery, and sometimes the day of. If you aren't available the same or next day, we'll work around your schedule - even if its not in our normal delivery windows.

Delivery Made Anywhere

Whether home, work, or on the road - we'll deliver to you. If it's safe for us to go to, we'll be there.